Monday, 17 April 2017

Calendar Journal Pages

(Jeepers! I thought I had only missed posting last week but I'd actually missed two weeks? o.O)

Once upon a time.... 
          I actually kept proper diaries/journals. I'd sit down at the end of most days & write about what I did, thought, & felt that day. But I felt less motivated to do that as I got older & eventually my journalling became very sporadic. 

My journals became more lists, poems, quotes & notes and less a record of my days.  

I still missed having that record tho, & at one point I started making lists of all the important things that had happened that month. 

Sometimes it was hard to decide what was important enough to include on these lists. And I wanted to remember things like when I last talked to someone, or if I mailed something... so I started keeping really plain calendar pages in the back of my journals too. 

And then I discovered  Kate Crane's art calendar journals. My calendar pages been like that for years now. 

 Sometimes I don't have time to do the background or anything in advance & then my calendars are pretty basic & just doodled as I go along.


Lately, I've been splitting my months up into 1-2 weeks at a time & getting more inspiration from planner pages (even tho mine are all done after the fact & not used for planning at all lol)

Do you keep any type of journal?


  1. Ooh your calendars look SO GOOD AND SPECTACULAR!! I've only just started keeping a bullet journal and I'm working out what kind of things to write in it. I love the idea of the doodles in there too. 😍

    1. I love the idea of bullet journalling cuz I'm a total list maker :)

      It took me a long time to start adding in the doodles for some reason... I used stickers instead for years.