Tuesday, 9 May 2017

April II: reading & blogging & gorgons, OH MY!

My April part 2 calendar journal is another one that I ended up doodling as I went along. 

One thing I really like about this tho, is that I can adjust the size of the days to whatever I need. 

With my pre-made ones I often finding myself either trying to fit A LOT in a tiny day square..
                 or looking at lots of empty space because I didn't do much that day.

The gorgon was a little rough draft doodle for a drawing I'm (still) working on.
I liked her enough that I thought she deserved to be kept :) so I cut her out & glued her on that day. 

How was your April? :)

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Favourite Books: Frankenstein

(1st post of a series in which I intend to doodle covers of & babble lovingly about my fav books)

MY Frankenstein... inspired by the book's description, apart from the colour of his skin... cuz I hate yellow..

I know that not everyone loves this book as much as I do lol

I first read it in a high school English class & I remember my classmates grumbling about how boring it was. 

Meanwhile, I read it in less than two days.  
(Even tho we weren't supposed to >.> The torment of being expected to not go on to the next chapter of a book you love just for the sake of a lesson plan? *scoffs*)

Frankenstein is one of my least favourite characters. (to be clear Frankenstein is not the name of the "monster", it's the name of the man who created him) 

I liked him in the beginning- when he was a young bookworm earnestly studying old alchemists like Cornelius Agrippa & Albertus Magnus with no idea that their "science" was hundreds of years out of date.  :)

But then he grows up into a weak, selfish, ridiculously dense man & I can't stand him anymore. 

 The creature on the other hand, is pitiable. He was made to be beautiful but turns out horrifying and is then hated & abandoned. Unlike the monster movie Frankenstein, he is very intelligent which just makes him suffer more.

He even managed to muster up some sympathy & affection for Frankenstein at the end.

And he quotes Paradise Lost!!

*sings* Who is the monster & who is man?

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Regarding John Green

I love John Green. 

I mean, I devour Crash Course videos.

my notes on Crash Course Philosophy

I watch his vlogs. I love hearing his thoughts on subjects.

I have John Green quotes in my journal.

I read books he recommends.
But I haven’t read any of HIS books.

Is that awful?
I feel bad lol. I feel like I SHOULD read one of his books.

But every time I see them I’m just like:

I know I do not want to read The Fault in Our Stars.
I'm kinda leaning towards reading Paper Towns....

Are there any of his books you'd recommend?
(BESIDES The Fault in Our Stars..)

Monday, 17 April 2017

Calendar Journal Pages

(Jeepers! I thought I had only missed posting last week but I'd actually missed two weeks? o.O)

Once upon a time.... 
          I actually kept proper diaries/journals. I'd sit down at the end of most days & write about what I did, thought, & felt that day. But I felt less motivated to do that as I got older & eventually my journalling became very sporadic. 

My journals became more lists, poems, quotes & notes and less a record of my days.  

I still missed having that record tho, & at one point I started making lists of all the important things that had happened that month. 

Sometimes it was hard to decide what was important enough to include on these lists. And I wanted to remember things like when I last talked to someone, or if I mailed something... so I started keeping really plain calendar pages in the back of my journals too. 

And then I discovered  Kate Crane's art calendar journals. My calendar pages been like that for years now. 

 Sometimes I don't have time to do the background or anything in advance & then my calendars are pretty basic & just doodled as I go along.


Lately, I've been splitting my months up into 1-2 weeks at a time & getting more inspiration from planner pages (even tho mine are all done after the fact & not used for planning at all lol)

Do you keep any type of journal?

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

We need more..

Recently I read two illustrated novels back to back:

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 
w/ Camille Rose Garcia’s illustrations 

 A Monster Calls

And I’ve come to the conclusion that there needs to be more novels like this.
I don’t mean picture books or comics or graphic novels, all of which I love, read & own.
I mean just proper novels with illustrations.

journal page w/ a few of my favourite things: like the awesome illustrations in A Monster Calls <3

 These were both library books that I think I'm going to have to buy now lol

Another illustrated novel I am dying to get my hands on is:

Because Frankenstein is one of my favourite books and Gris Grimly is one of my favourite illustrators. :)
And evidently, this version keeps the original text of the novel & just adds Gris Grimly's awesome illustrations. 
(Which would make it probably an easier read for people who aren't already obsessed with the book like I am. Garcia's illustrations helped me get thru Alice in Wonderland- a book I've started & not finished more than once..)

Do you know of any other illustrated novels I should check out? 


Sunday, 19 March 2017


I am Anne. :) With an "e".
(a silent "e".)

or, more formally, Anne~Juliet.
Which is how I sign my artwork.

Morbid Little Girl which is a nick name I've had for a long time.
It's also the name of my creepy-cute character that you will see doodled around here.
(more about her later)

Like the name suggests this blog is going to be about my books :)
Books that I fill, books that I make & books that I read.
I keep journals which are a crazy sketchbook-bullet journal-scrapbook-diary hybrid.

misc. pages

I also like to do make my own journals (for myself or friends or my etsy shop).

journals I've made and/or filled

And lastly, I read books. A lot. Non-fiction, children's lit, (and some YA), science fiction, fantasy, classics & historical fiction.
I'm currently redoing my wall of books so there might be some sheflies in the near future.
Harry Potter shelf

If any of this sounds like something you'd be interested in, stick around ;)