Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Since I've Gotten a Library Card

I had a library card before… Maybe 15 years ago? Then I had access to the university library…. After I graduated I honestly was too sad at the thought of going back to my tiny public library again lol

A few months ago I decided it was time to get a library card again.  And since then...

1. I read a lot more.
     It’s only May and I’ve already read nearly as many books as I did ALL LAST YEAR.  I also have fewer reading slumps because I am motivated by the fact that I need to turn my library books back in.

2. I take more chances.

     I read books I might not have otherwise read. Like “oh this one looks cute & creepy- let’s try it.”  

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall
(And when I went to add this to my goodreads, I discovered it was the second book of hers I’d liked. So I definitely have to check out some more of her ghost stores!)

This is easier with library books cuz if I don't like it, it's not a big deal. I just return it. 
3. It’s changed the way I buy books.

     I’m not going to lie- I haven’t reduced my book spending too much since I’ve gotten my library card… >.>
BUT the way I shop for books is different. Before, when I would buy books I would go back & forth:
      Did I want to buy an old favourite that I didn’t own yet?

      Or did I want to buy a new book I hadn’t read before? 


Now I can focus on collecting books I really want to OWN. 
And I don’t have as many books that I regret buying. 

playing around w/ fun lettering a lot lately :)

4. I’ve made a significant dent in my TBR. 

     Like Percy Jackson! I have The Last Olympian checked out right now. :) I had been meaning to read this series for years but I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to buying a new series.
(Of course, now I know that I want to buy every single thing Rick Riordan writes but hey.. )


5. I have real life conversations about books! 
     I talk to people online about books all the time...

goodreads, facebook reading groups, my blog, book tube etc. But in real life? not so much.. 
(okay, well I do still talk about books but it’s more like me ranting about how Morpheus is WAY better than Jeb while people’s eyes glaze over…)
HOWEVER, since I’ve gotten a library card:

  • I talk to the librarians about books I’m checking out.
  • I talk to people who notice that I’m frequently lugging a giant stack of library books around town…
  • I talk to my little nieces who now love going to the library w/ me and have discovered that one person, Mercer Mayer, wrote a lot of their fav books.

So who else has a library card?

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