Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Favourite Books: Frankenstein

(1st post of a series in which I intend to doodle covers of & babble lovingly about my fav books)

MY Frankenstein... inspired by the book's description, apart from the colour of his skin... cuz I hate yellow..

I know that not everyone loves this book as much as I do lol

I first read it in a high school English class & I remember my classmates grumbling about how boring it was. 

Meanwhile, I read it in less than two days.  
(Even tho we weren't supposed to >.> The torment of being expected to not go on to the next chapter of a book you love just for the sake of a lesson plan? *scoffs*)

Frankenstein is one of my least favourite characters. (to be clear Frankenstein is not the name of the "monster", it's the name of the man who created him) 

I liked him in the beginning- when he was a young bookworm earnestly studying old alchemists like Cornelius Agrippa & Albertus Magnus with no idea that their "science" was hundreds of years out of date.  :)

But then he grows up into a weak, selfish, ridiculously dense man & I can't stand him anymore. 

 The creature on the other hand, is pitiable. He was made to be beautiful but turns out horrifying and is then hated & abandoned. Unlike the monster movie Frankenstein, he is very intelligent which just makes him suffer more.

He even managed to muster up some sympathy & affection for Frankenstein at the end.

And he quotes Paradise Lost!!

*sings* Who is the monster & who is man?

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