Thursday, 6 July 2017

I know I just did a post about calendar pages last week.. and I DO try to switch things up a bit. However, I just loved these pages so much! 

These are my happy colours so that's probably part of why I love it so much. (Neither my scanner nor my camera picked up the green very well tho.. *sad*)

This little guy was inspired by a copy of The Hungry Thing Returns that I found when I was looking for a lost book. (💔)

I also finished  reading Cartoon Faces and decided to try drawing one of my characters using some of the things that Christopher Hart talks about.

I liked it so much I decided to cut it out (and do a little wardrobe change) and add it to my calender page.

I sketched it in pen so the light green guidelines and corrections are still visible... but I think it gives it some character. ;)

Shout out to Christopher Hart for FINALLY convincing me to use guidelines at all.

I currently have another of his  books on hold thru my library... (I've been waiting so long! give me the book! aaah!)

This is the same character, drawn before I read the book


  1. These are really cute calendar pages. I love the green, yellow and blue.
    -Shanti @Virtually Read

  2. I love your calendar pages! The washi tape borders and day dividers are such fun and eye catching. I too love all those colors together. Your many illustrations add so much character to your pages. Inspiring!